Sailboat Artisan Glass Decanter


The latest in our line of hand crafted and mouth blown glass decanters features a sailboat with a unique story.  The Tomaka was one of many rum runners that illegally transported alcohol to the US in violation of prohibition.  It would drop anchor 3 miles off the US coast in International waters and become one of many floating liquor stores in what became known as "Rum Row."

The decanter itself takes dozens of steps---from melting the sand for raw glass in large ovens heating, spinning and cutting the finished product.  Imported glass is crafted with a leak proof steal spigot and a ground, tight fitting glass spigot that's designed to keep the impurities of air from the spirit of your choice. Oak stand is hand crafted in Kentucky, and for every decanter sold the stand maker will plant an oak tree for future generations. The perfect gift for any fan of good liquor or sailing, especially when you add the optional engraved brass nameplate. 

SIZE: 12" x 5" x 8"  Holds 1,000 ml.


ITEM: 2174

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