Curtiss Jenny Replica Wood Propeller-Painted


BRING BACK A SIMPLER ERA in aviation with our new Curtiss Jenny replica hand carved mahogany propeller.  The Jenny was the most mass produced bi-plane of the early 1900's, with a large range of models and improvements, including it's propeller, which changed from a scimitar shape to this more efficient style with the J6, which was produced as an Army WW1 fighter plane. 

Our exclusive mahogany propeller is almost the size of the original at 90 inches long and is hand carved and hand painted to resemble a vintage prop that sold for many thousands of dollars.  Brass "weathered" edging and just enough distressing make this realistic enough to fool many visitors when hanging on a wall or "propped" in the corner of a room.
Comes with hardware for secure hanging. Made for us in the Philippines.

SIZE: 90"L x 8"H x 4.5" D


ITEM: 3307          

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