Curtiss 1915 Wood Propeller Painted Second


THIS 1915 CURTISS Propeller 'second' is a great looking propeller, however our seconds either have minimal imperfections, a poor finish or poor edging. If you're looking for a nice looking propeller and don't mind that it's not quite perfect, here's one at a great price. Most of our seconds have minor cracks. But since these are supposed to be replicas of 100 year old antique propellers (virtually all of which have similar cracks) for many customers these just add more to the authentic look.

The Curtiss Flying Boat was used by the US Navy during World War I and props like this were "pusher" props mounted on the back of wings and turned counter clockwise.  Our replica antique is hand made of mahogany, one of our largest, heaviest and most realistic propellers we've ever made.  Beautiful two tone finish, curved scimitar shape and distressed brass style edgings make this look like an antique costing many thousands of dollars.

Comes with mounting hardware for walls or can be "propped" in the corner for a beautiful addition to any vintage room décor.

SIZE: L: 88" H: 9" D: 4"
WEIGHT: Approximately 45 lbs

ITEM: 3311

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