B-17 Flying Fortress Fly By Wood Triptych


TREAT VISITORS TO A SIGHT they’ll never forget with a nearly eight foot wide B-17 Flying Fortress bomber making a “fly by” through your living room or office. The B-17 was one of the most heavily produced bombers of all time, and figured heavily in the Allies eventually winning World War II. Now we’ve reproduced our exclusive graphic design on thick distressed wood panels right here in the good old USA and offer in three sizes. Pictured left is our 90 inch version.

This is an heirloom quality piece of wall décor, with nearly one inch thick panels formed by joining solid wood planks and reinforcing the backs with “z” shaped barn door type slat backing. If you’re an aviation or World War II buff, our impressive B-17 Flying Fortress wood triptych may be the perfect piece of historic wall décor. Now you have the chance to display this handsome airplane in your home or office. See menu above to choose your size. MADE IN USA.


90" Wide x 24" High - 48 lbs
55" Wide x 18" High - 20 lbs
32" Wide x 10.5" High - 8 lbs

ITEM: 14898, 14899, 14900

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