BB Korn Tether Car Replica


OUR BB KORN TETHER CAR collectible is a replica of a popular race car of the 1930's known as a "Spindizzie". These racers were household names in their heyday, and our detailed, realistic model brings back that era. The originals were 1:8 scale car models tethered to a pole or a chain track on banked wooden racetrack, reaching speeds in excess of 150 miles an hour!

The originals were often handcrafted by skilled owners, who spent hundreds of hours on each car, and our model has similar details. Perhaps one of the most impressive vintage replicas we've seen in years, our silver BB Korn will be the most admired object on any desk, bookshelf or table it is displayed on.

SIZE: 20.75" Wide x 9.75" High x 7" Deep

ITEM: 12498

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