90 Inch Wood Airplane Propeller


WE HAD SO MANY REQUESTS for a good looking antique style wood propeller that we decided to look for our own source. But we quickly found that actual antique propellers were either very expensive, not very attractive, or both.

So, we replicated an antique World War I wood propeller that was being auctioned off at almost $8,000, and it has become a best seller in our stores.

Hand carved in the Philippines out of native mahogany, our 7 1/2 foot replica vintage propeller features "hammered" brass edging like early pilots used to protect their valuable propellers from windblown rocks on grass landing strips. Then we "antique" the wood with just the right number of nicks to make the propeller look old (but not beat up).

We carry competitive replica propellers in our stores, but they sell so rarely they serve mainly to make ours look even better by comparison.

Our wooden propeller comes complete with hanging hardware so your favorite aviator's gift is ready to hang. Looks equally good propped in a corner or set on a mantle. Each of these exclusive, made for us, propellers is inspected, packed and shipped from North Carolina.

SIZE: 90" Long, Hub is 7.5" Wide, 3" Deep; Widest part of blade is 7.5"
WEIGHT: approximately 20 pounds (weight will vary)

ITEM: 5066

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