X-Large Antique Brass Hand Bell- 13 Inch Tall


THIS BRASS HAND BELL IS SO LARGE AND HEAVY (3 lbs.), we were tempted to call it a "two-handed bell." Handsome walnut-stained hardwood handle is so thick it's hard to wrap one hand around it, and the solid brass six-inch diameter bell it's attached to is very substantial with a heavy metal clapper that gives off a deep, rich tone. New and improved heavy duty split ring keeps the clapper firmly anchored.

If you're looking for the perfect hand bell as an impressive gift--especially engraved--this beauty is it. Large, fairly flat, bell face allows plenty of room for engraved letters, and available dark antiqued finish makes the message stand out. Take a look at the standard eye glasses photographed with this large hand bell to get an idea just how impressive it is. 

  • Solid Brass bell with antiqued finish
  • Hardwood contoured handle
  • Heavy brass clapper, for better sound quality
  • Made for us, to our specifications which include thicker than normal bell walls
  • Inspected, engraved (if chosen) and shipped from North Carolina

SIZE: 6" Diameter (bell), 13" High

WEIGHT: 3 pounds


ITEM: 8772

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