Personalized U.S. Navy Color Military Compass


WE'VE TAKEN A LONG TIME BEST SELLER--a working antiqued brass replica vintage compass--and paired it with our beautiful hand enameled brass Navy medallion on a walnut stained hardwood box. Then to make it the perfect gift for any sailor or seaman, we've added personalized engraving of your choice on a brass disc that surrounds the Navy seal. The result is an impressive, exclusive generational heirloom that works well and looks even better.

Heavy solid brass 3 inch diameter compass opens on hinges to display a floating, jeweled directional needle, bubble spirit level, reflecting mirror and acid etched markings that represent directions, latitude, longitude and more. Unfolding rifle sights and a tab that automatically locks the needle in place when compass is closed complete the authentic look.

SIZE: 3" Diameter

ITEM: 20106

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