F4U Corsair Propeller Replica Silver Hub


AFTER MANY REQUESTS, we’ve finally been able to produce a great looking replica of perhaps the most famous propeller of World War II, the one that powered the iconic F4U Corsair fighter. While Corsair props, like the planes they powered, were painted in a variety of color schemes, many featured this realistic blue with yellow tips and a silver grey hub.

The Corsair---which primarily flew in the Pacific theater and usually off carrier decks---had an iconic huge 13 foot high prop made by Hamilton Standard, which resulted in its famous inverted gull wings necessary to keep the prop from making ground contact.
We’ve designed our beautiful replica so that it’s large enough to impress visitors at six feet wide, but small enough to actually be displayed as the centerpiece of many walls. Made from heavy duty resin similar to fiberglass, it comes shipped in four parts and is easily assembled in minutes with just a screwdriver. Large keyhole openings in back of hub make hanging easy, and 37” long blades easily attach to aluminum tubes protruding from the hub.

Authentic style period decals included at no charge, but not applied in advance.
SIZE:  74” wide  66” high  9” deep
Approx 20 lbs.


ITEM: 9000


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