P-51 Fly By Aviation Triptych


ARGUABLY ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT fighters of World War II---the P51 Mustang---can now do a fly by in your home or office. Printed on heavy, distressed wood panels to make an awesome piece of aviation décor. The Mustang helped turn the balance of power when introduced to the skies over Europe, and served a vital function as a long range escort for Allied bombers that had previously suffered frightening casualties. Now you have the chance to display this handsome airplane in your home or office. See menu above to choose your size. Propeller shown is for display ideas and is sold separately.

We’ve even reinforced the back of our wood panels with heavy duty wood “z” shaped slats---just like the reinforcement used on old barn doors to prevent warping over time. With our largest version at nearly 8 feet wide (90 inches plus approximately 2 inches in spacing depending on taste) our exclusive P-51 Mustang Fly By triptych is produced in small numbers and promises to become an aviation heirloom. MADE IN USA.


90" Wide x 24" High - 48 lbs
55" Wide x 18" High - 20 lbs
32" Wide x 10.5" High - 8 lbs


ITEM: 14806, 14807, 14808

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