P-38 Lightning Wood Triptych Aviation Art


THE LARGEST VERSION OF OUR NEW VINTAGE style wood triptych makes it feel as if a P-38 Lightning WWII era fighter is flying into your room with guns blazing. Fortunately for you (and your furniture), the famous airplane is a reproduction printed in intricate detail on the rough side of three 30” x 24” wood panels made up of approximately five inch wide boards.

The P-38, also known by its enemies as the “fork-tailed devil” was the first American fighter to top 400 miles per hour, and tallied over 1800 kills total in the European and Pacific war theaters.

Even the boards are special, as they’re cut with huge vintage saws that leave circular saw marks on the surface---just like those found on century old reclaimed wood. The back of each panel is braced with a sturdy z-shape, similar to old barn doors that will keep boards from warping with age. Propeller shown is for display ideas and is sold separately. MADE IN USA. 


90" Wide x 24" High - 48 lbs
55" Wide x 18" High - 20 lbs
32" Wide x 10.5" High - 8 lbs


ITEM: 14331, 14334, 14335

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