Harrier Jet Aviation Triptych


ONE OF THE MOST GROUNDBREAKING war planes of all time---the Harrier Jump Jet---deserves to be featured on a piece of wall art that’s almost as unique, and we’ve done that in our eye opening new wood triptych.  Exclusive graphic design is printed in high quality, fade resistant inks on thick, rough cut boards that have been fashioned into three equal sized wood panels.  Made right here in the USA, this heirloom quality piece of art has to be seen in person to be appreciated, with special features such as wood slat backing nailed in a sturdy “z” shape (much like old barn doors) to prevent warping.  Even the back is stained for moisture protection.  Much more impressive than conventional canvas or paper prints, our Harrier Jump Jet triptych is an eye catching piece for any large wall, but is also offered in two smaller sizes for those of you with less space or a lower decorating budget. Propeller shown is for display ideas and is sold separately. MADE IN USA. 


90" Wide x 24" High - 48 lbs
55" Wide x 18" High - 20 lbs
32" Wide x 10.5" High - 8 lbs

ITEM: 14803, 14804, 14805

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