Evolution Of The American Fighter Wood Triptych


OUR NEW, EXCLUSIVE WOOD AVIATION TRIPTYCH entitled the Evolution of the American Fighter shows just how far our fighter airplanes have advanced in the last 100 years. In World War I, American fighter pilots often had to use French or British fighter planes, such as the Sopwith Camel shown far left, that had a top speed of barely 100 mph. By the middle of World War II, top US aviators flew some of the best American made models, including the P-51 Mustang that reached 430 mph. Post World War II saw the introduction of jet fighters with swept wings like the F-86 Sabre, which could travel nearly 700 mph. Now the F-35 Lightning II can reach speeds of 1200 miles per hour---or nearly 12 times the speed of World War 1 fighter planes!

Made of thick 3/4" pine and printed on the distressed side that has been specially cut by vintage circular saw mill blades to give an authentic vintage feel, our largest size American Fighter Plane triptych is nearly 8 feet (92 inches) wide when hung with 3/4" spaces between each pane. Back of each multi-plank panel is stained and features a "z" shaped reinforcement design like found on barn doors to keep from warping with age.  Also comes in 55" and 32" sizes.  Choose your size from the options above. MADE IN USA. Propeller shown is for display ideas and is sold separately.


90" Wide x 24" High - 48 lbs
55" Wide x 18" High - 20 lbs
32" Wide x 10.5" High - 8 lbs


ITEM: 14468, 14469, 15040

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