Modern T6 Wood Triptych


AN UPDATED VERSION of our T-6 Trainer triptych, here we feature a modern T-6. Reproduced on the rough, grain side of thick wood boards that have been combined into three large panels.

First produced prior to World War II, the trainer served as the first airplane for many thousands of military pilots and often is seen at aviation shows serving as a stand-in for Japanese fighters that looked similar.

Our largest version (shown) is nearly eight feet wide (90 inches) and makes an incredibly impressive presentation that dominates any room where it’s hung. Made right here in the USA, it’s designed to be an heirloom for generations, with wood “z” shaped barn door wood backing to prevent warping. Available in three sizes---choose from the menu above (sizes in inches). Sizes do not include distance between each panel, but we recommend approximately 3/4 inch space between. MADE IN USA. 


90" Wide x 24" High (Pictured Left)
55" Wide x 18" High
32" Wide x 10.5" High


ITEM: 14998, 14999, 15000


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