Wright Brothers Bent End Propeller Replica - Second


WE HAVE A FEW of these replicas with minor blemishes in the finish, which almost make them look older! But since they aren't perfect we are offering them as "Seconds".  By 1905 the Wright Brothers had worked hard to come up with a propeller that was stronger and supplied much more thrust than the ones that had struggled to get man off the ground for the first time a few years earlier.  The result was the “bent end” style of propeller---designed with more pitch and new style ends that didn’t warp the prop as much during flight.

Our hand carved mahogany Wright Brothers propeller replica pays homage to perhaps the most copied prop of the pre-World War I era.  Smaller in scale to fit both your room space and your budget, it still measures a full 70 inches and arrives with hanging hardware for wall mounting.  But it looks equally impressive “propped” in the corner of any aviation themed room or office for a unique conversation piece and handsome décor.

SIZE: 70" Long x 6" Wide x 2" Deep
ITEM: 757

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