Eagle Scout Compass On Wood Plaque


A TRULY SPECIAL TRIBUTE for the achievement of Eagle Scout. We took our antiqued brass pocket compass with a screw on lid and added an engraved, majestic American Eagle and two lines of personalization for your Eagle Scout's name and date the rank was achieved.  It is ingeniously displayed on a beautiful, beveled edge wood wall plaque that has the Scout Promise engraved onto a brass plate. Our Eagle head with stars and personalization layout was designed by us and this entire Eagle Scout tribute was designed, engraved and assembled in North Carolina. 

Together, these make the perfect gift for those who have achieved the distinction of Eagle Scout. It looks handsome displayed on your wall, but goes beyond just a decorative award...the compass is fully removable so that you can take it with you and use it!  Then when not in use, you can store it where you can see and enjoy it - on its wall plaque. 

Plaque is made of solid maple wood and has key-hole hanger slots on the back, so that you can hang it securely on the wall. It measures 9.25" wide x 7.25" high.

Brass Plate: 
Solid brass engraving plate has two textures at the edge to frame the black clad surface on which the Boy Scout Oath is engraved. 

Solid brass compass is a functioning compass that is a replica of an 1880's era compass. It has a screw on lid and measures 1.75" thick and 3" diameter.


ITEM: 11426 

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