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84in Sopwith Camel Replica Wood Airplane Propeller


THIS HANDMADE REPLICA of a World War I Sopwith Camel bi-plane wood propeller is our newest, and quite probably, the most accurate prop antique replica we've ever done. Like the original, which graced Camels starting in 1916, our wooden propeller is made of five separate mahogany boards with a more aggressive curved profile. 

Like the original, our prop is also tipped in "antiqued" brass with darkened stain around the hub and edges for that authentic "oil stained" look. At seven feet long, it's not much smaller than full size antique WWI-era propellers, but it is designed purely to be used as aviation décor.

When it reached the front in 1916, the Sopwith Camel changed the rules of airfare with its maneuverability and light weight. By the end of the war, allied pilots flying them had shot down almost 1300 airplanes and had changed the role of the aviator in modern airfare from a spotter for land forces to a lethal offensive weapon. So, bring back memories of the "dawn of aviation" by displaying this stunning replica wood propeller inspired by the famous Sopwith Camel. Comes with mounting hardware for wall hanging.

SIZE: 84" Long, 7.5" Wide, 4" Deep
WEIGHT: 24 lbs.

ITEM: 10661

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