8 Inch Antiqued Brass Sextant


WE'VE CARRIED many sextant replicas over the years and this is one of our finest---especially for the price.  It looks like a real antique that costs many hundreds of dollars, with a heft not usually found on modern pieces, with authentic looking antiqued brushed brass patina and age marks.  Like the originals, which were used to navigate by the stars during long ocean journeys, these have all the working parts.  But we don't recommend using ours to sail to Hawaii, as it's designed only to be cool nautical decor.  This is a very substantial sextant that you'd be proud to own, weighing over two pounds and measuring a full 8 inches in length and width. This sextant does not come with a box.

SIZE: 8" x 8" x 3.5"


ITEM: 461

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