70in Black Tip WWI Replica Mahogany Airplane Propeller


ONE OF OUR NEWER PROPELLERS, our Black Tip World War I Replica Mahogany Propeller combines the good looks of an antique bi-plane propeller with the price and functionality of a well-made hand-carved replica. Fully 70 inches in length, it's carved out of Philippine mahogany with a two-tone stain that gives it the appearance of a laminated propeller.
These propellers feature a slightly lighter finish which results in more contrast between striping than on most of our propellers. Dark staining around the authentic looking eight-bolt hub almost brings back the smell of oil and dirt from long ago, and it's finished with small nicks and blemishes like the original. Features black painted tips. Hanging hardware included.

SIZE: 70" long; 5.5" high; 2.5" deep
WEIGHT:10 pounds (weight will vary)


ITEM: 11779

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