Rare SALE on this best-selling propeller!

90 Inch 1917 Replica Antique Airplane Propeller


OUR 90 INCH 1917 Replica Antique Airplane Propeller, our newest replica antique propeller size, is handmade of mahogany with antiqued brass tips and a hand rubbed multi-toned walnut finish. At 7 1/2  feet long with a brass hub, our wood propeller is almost as large as the Liberty Hartzell 1917 bi-plane that inspired its creation.

Perfect for the aviation enthusiast who has the room for a large, impressive antique-style propeller above his bar, sofa, or desk or prop (little pun there) it in a corner for a great conversation piece. Comes with hardware for wall mounting.

Our ninety inch wooden prop is shown below with a "mere" 70-inch size (our best seller) to give you a little idea of how large and impressive it is.

SIZE: 90" Long,  Hub is 7.5" Wide, 4.5" Deep;  Widest part of blade is 8"

ITEM: 10261

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