72 Inch Replica Wood Naval Airplane Propeller (Black and Gold Finish)

THIS STRIKING BEAUTY that's inspired by props that powered a U.S. Navy Curtiss flying boat to the first Atlantic crossing in 1919. While our naval propeller has a similar profile to those on the famous trip, we've painted it in a two-tone black and gold color scheme found on other Navy flying boats of the era.

One of three Curtiss flying boats to take off from Long Island, the NC-4 was the only one to eventually reach Europe--after a series of refueling stops and lengthy delays--in 24 days, becoming the first airplane to complete the trip (eight years before Charles Lindberg's more famous solo crossing!).

Our hand carved prop is made in the Philippines of mahogany with gold tips and hub, "antiqued" brass edging and hub, as well as a stamped brass crown logo on the blades. While no two propellers are exactly the same weight, our seven-foot long replica antique naval propellers average 12 pounds and can easily be mounted on most walls with attached hardware.

SIZE: 72" Long, 6.5" Widest part of blade, 7.5" Wide at hub, 3" Deep
WEIGHT: approximately 12 pounds (weight will vary)

ITEM: 3301

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