70 Inch Black and Pewter Wood Airplane Propeller


MADE OUT OF MAHOGANY and then stained a dark charcoal, this 70-inch replica of a WWI era propeller has become a very good seller. We replicated a nine-foot prop, changed the pitch slightly, and made it slightly smaller to hang on the wall better. Like originals, which were often trimmed with metal to keep edges from being pitted on rock-strewn runways, ours has a thin pewter-colored aluminum edging. Distressed and dinged slightly to look like an authentic original. 

Comes complete with hardware and is ready to hang. Seven inches wide at hub and at widest point of prop blades. Makes a great gift for your favorite aviator. Choose to have your propeller personalized by having it engraved.

SIZE: 70" long; 6" high; 3" deep

WEIGHT: 10 pounds (weight may vary)

ITEM: 5067

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